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Bolt on ignition and dynamo kits for classic motorcycles
  • Modern technology
    for brilliant lights and strong spark (solid state)
  • No or only minimal mechanical modifications to engine needed. No use of stock parts.
  • New parts as little as possible visible, original classic motorcycle optics kept

Please carefully check what you order against your needs. We try to advice you a lot in our shop and docu pages (via more info link), but many a time this is ignored. More Info here
Please know that PD systems are replacement systems and not exact copies of stock material. See our Info here
For delivery schedule: please read our information on delivery times
The motorcycle brands indicated in this shop are given only to describe the designation of our offers. Those are not original parts, but replacement ignition systems suitable for the indicated makes.

Our material ist expressly offered to replace stock dynamo/ignition systems in vintage and classic motorcycles whose engine characteristics have not been tempered with. Powerdynamo material will not change the engine characteristics of those motorcycles. Using our systems will not result in significantly higher engine output. It is not tunig material. As a result, using the material should not infringe your road licensing regulations. More Info here In a few 50cc engines the stock ignition has a revolution limiter build in to stick to speed limits. Those are bypassed when replacing the stock system with Powerdynamo. In the cases concerned we expressly mention this circumstance.

Our material is is not destined for use in competition events unless specifically described as for racing or sports. Any improper use will void the warranty. More Info here

More informationen on our website www.powerdynamo.biz

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neu - new - nouveauté
DKW Hummel, 6V/18W
201,40 EUR
DKW Hummel, 6V/18W
Puch MC 250
415,00 EUR
Puch MC 250
Bultaco, nut M18, rotor 3kg
402,80 EUR
Bultaco, nut M18, rotor 3kg
DC System
Montesa (M14; Rotor: 3kg, right)
370,00 EUR
Montesa (M14; Rotor: 3kg, right)
ignition only
Scorpa Easy
381,60 EUR
Scorpa Easy
Scorpa Easy, Alfer (250 and 280) and SC29 work 294
rotor screw M12x1x40 and washer B12
9,50 EUR
rotor screw M12x1x40 and washer B12
100,91 EUR
Moto-TM 80-125cc (1984-1994)
296,80 EUR
Moto-TM 80-125cc (1984-1994)
100,91 EUR
Honda MR 175/250
402,70 EUR
Honda MR 175/250
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puller DKW
puller DKW
31,80 EUR
31,80 EUR
11,90 EUR
(incl. 19% Tax excl. shipping)

side indicator, brand "CEV" for front/r-h resp. rear/l-h (price per piece)
side indicator, brand "CEV" for front/r-h resp. rear/l-h (price per piece)
4,24 EUR
4,24 EUR
4,00 EUR
(incl. 19% Tax excl. shipping)
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